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Big Data: what companies are doing with it

Big Data: what companies are doing with it 

The term “Big Data” has become ubiquitous, thanks to the enormous amounts of information generated by consumers and businesses alike. However, the question arises as to what companies are doing with this data and what kind of insights they can derive from it. A whitepaper, now available from IBM and written by AIIM’s Doug Miles entitled “Big Data – Extracting Value from Your Digital Landfills,” examines how users see the potential of “Big Data,” and how they apply it in their own businesses. 

Over 400 respondents from companies of all sizes from around the globe accepted AIIM’s invitation to take a survey about their use of Big Data. The survey covered topics such as unstructured information management. Twenty six percent of companies who chose to participate in this study described the approach to unstructured content management as “somewhat chaotic.” Thirty five percent of respondents said that their repositories of unstructured data were “organized, but not well indexed or controlled.” The lack of content control reflected itself in the responses about search capabilities. Only 20% of companies surveyed said they have unified search capabilities across departmental content, and of that group, 7% have extended search abilities across the entire enterprise. The survey also shows that respondents are struggling with business intelligence and analytics capabilities. Forty one percent of companies participating in the survey noted that they have “reasonable” reporting and BI framework. Four percent of those businesses are using advanced analytics and Big Data tools. 

In spite of what Miles referred to in the report to as “immaturity” regarding Big Data analytics capabilities, many companies display an enthusiasm for the value Big Data can bring to them. Fifty six percent of respondents said they would find it valuable to perform sophisticated analytics on unstructured content and data streams. 

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