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Better support, from East to West

Better support, from East to West 

SQALOGIC, an Application Lifecycle Management and Software Quality Assurance service provider, will give IntelliCorp customers faster migrations, lower costs and reduced risks.

“We are pleased to welcome SQALOGIC as a strategic partner,” said Jerry Klajbor, CEO of IntelliCorp. “The expertise of SQALOGIC when combined with IntelliCorp’s products and technology will provide companies running SAP the capability to rapidly respond to the dynamic market need for change that exists in today’s modern business world.”

The onset of new technologies like SAP HANA – a relational database management system – mean more and more companies are making the move to in-memory and column-oriented systems. To facilitate this migration, IntelliCorp will need SQALOGIC’s industry experience to maximize their intelligent software tools.

“With the advent of new and exciting technologies comes new associated risks and challenges for SAP customers,” said David Milette, President and Managing Director of SQALogic. “[IntelliCorp’s] solutions are ideally suited to allow SAP customers to very efficiently determine the most effective ALM strategy by rapidly identifying the most at risk transactions and areas to tackle and eliminate risk.”

With constant new industry developments, it’s certain two heads will prove better than one. 

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