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Best Practices of Business Continuity and Employee Safety During a Crisis

Best Practices of Business Continuity and Employee Safety During a Crisis 

Having flexible work environments and digital workspace readiness programs that provide employees access to the tools and information they need to work safely and securely in the face of unforeseen circumstances like the threat of COVID-19 is imperative. Business continuity planning not only allows work to continue to get done in this event of disruption, it also provides a source for growth and competitive advantage.

We would like to share with you an episode of CGE Radio in which J. Richard Jones talks with Ed Rodriguez, VP for Citrix Canada about some of the best practices for business continuity during disruptive times. Ed also outlines what tools and policies businesses need to implement now and shares what Citrix is doing for their own employees so other companies can follow suit.  

Hear more about how technology can help with preparedness for business continuity and employee safety, how Citrix is helping companies to achieve their business continuity plans, is there a need for better flexible work technologies beyond just during crisis situations, some guidelines to consider when thinking about business continuity planning and feedback from customers and partners on how they are reacting and adapting to the disruption during this time of COVID-19.

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