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Beast of benefit

Beast of benefit 

The company unveiled its latest foray into the all-flash array market in a big way by introducing XtremIO 4.0. Known affectionately as “The Beast,” the product literally exploded onto the scene at EMC World 2015 in Las Vegas with an introduction that captivated the some 10,000 people in attendance.

One of the benefits of XtremIO 4.0 is its ability to help enterprises reduce the often heavy costs associated with the management of an application infrastructure.

“Today, with the current set of workloads and applications, what we’re really focused on doing is driving down the cost of the way we manage the application infrastructure,” said Jeremy Burton, president of marketing for EMC.

But the number of this Beast isn’t limited to cost savings alone, explained Burton.

“To be fair, it’s not just about cost reduction. People want less costs, but they also want more performance, availability, and a much more agile infrastructure.”

XtremIO 4.0 is being introduced as a free upgrade for existing users of version 3.0. It provides them with the ability to automate and consolidate workloads while working to deliver a performance increase of up to 33 per cent. Additionally, The Beast takes on cloud services head-on with its included support for both private and hybrid cloud storage formats. Other key features of XtremIO 4.0 include scale-out replication through EMC’s RecoverPoint software, and simplified online expansion.

Also being introduced alongside the new version of XtremIO are the new 40TB X-Brick building blocks. This product, when combined with the capabilities of The Beast, will offer consumers the option of using a setup of up to eight X-Bricks, allowing for further data capacity expansion. Speed was also factored into the development of the X-Brick, which runs 1.5 times faster than similar storage products.

“What (our customers) said was that they really wanted was double the capacity, and in response to that, we are introducing a 40 TB X-Brick,” said EMC Core Technologies Division president Guy Churchward.

“The Beast is the combination of XtremIO 4.0 software times eight X-Bricks, which takes you up to 320TB,” Churchward added. “If you then look at things like deduplication and compressors at about 6X, which is in the general range, you actually get yourself knocking on the door of about a couple of petabytes (of storage).”

XtremIO 4.0 will also be aligned to operate with version 3.0 of EMC’s Federation Hybrid Cloud. The marriage of the two will enable users to merge their critical workloads and non-production lifecycle copies into the hybrid cloud environment with the help of Tier 0 Storage and Copy Services.

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