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Beanstock boosts publishing power with Onswipe acquisition

Beanstock boosts publishing power with Onswipe acquisition 

According to a press release, the acquisition of Onswipe will allow Beanstock to provide its users with an enhanced experience while taking advantage of Beanstock’s proprietary Helix ad yield management platform.

“Beanstock’s mission is to be the platform for digital publishers to make more money, increase efficiency and add control,” said Jim Waltz, CEO of Beanstock Media. “As a result of this acquisition, we now achieve these goals in two ways; we improve ad value through our core Helix Publisher Trading Desk platform, and we increase audience value through the Onswipe user experience platform.”

“As content consumption shifts to mobile, digital publishers are struggling with creating and maintaining a high-quality and valuable ad-supported user experience across all screens,” Waltz added. “With the addition of Onswipe, we are bringing two innovative companies together to help publishers optimize their user experience while maximizing ad revenue on all devices.”

The acquisition deal is expected to close immediately, and executives from both companies are looking forward to joining forces to build an e-publishing powerhouse.

Crafting a better experience for its user base was the key to this deal, and Beanstock’s founder believes that combining the efforts of both platforms will elevate their publishing abilities to a new plateau.

“Our vision originally set out to solve just one part of a publisher’s technology stack-user experience,” said Jason Baptiste, founder of Onswipe. “As a part of Beanstock, we are now working towards a much larger vision to deliver the end to end technology stack for digital publishing through the combination of Helix and Onswipe.”

With Onswipe now a key component of its arsenal, Beanstock will work with more than half of comScore’s 1,000 publishers.

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