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Basho to improve customer service with Riak 2.0

Basho to improve customer service with Riak 2.0 

The expanded portfolio includes Riak Starter and Riak Basic, both of which provide engineering and support for customers of its Apache-2 licensed product. With Riak Starter, customers receive access to Basho’s support engineers. Customers using Riak Basic, meanwhile, will receive enterprise-class, around-the-clock support without having to upgrade to the company’s commercial software.

Users of Riak Enterprise will continue to receive the benefits they have always had, but with the new version, the Riak SLA for urgent tickets improves from one hour to 30 minutes.

The introduction of Riak Enterprise Plus and Riak CS Enterprise Plus assures long-term platform stability and performance, thanks to the integration of a baseline and annual system health check with a Riak Enterprise or Riak CS Enterprise license.

The company is also introducing Riak Test Drive and Riak CS Test Drive, which are pre-packaged solutions that offer Basho Professional Services. A six-month Riak developers’ node option will provide new users with on-site and ongoing support.

“Our portfolio expansion is a significant response to serve the diverse needs of a rapidly growing Riak user community,” commented Bobby Patrick, EVP and CMO, Basho. “We are excited to expand our ability to offer Basho’s world-class customer support to a new segment of Riak open source users. These new offerings allow Basho to allocate resources to serve a broader variety of customer support needs, while simultaneously enhancing our support capacity to ensure the highest levels of quality and responsiveness to our Riak Enterprise and Riak CS Enterprise customers, many of whom run revenue and service-critical platforms and applications in production today that depend on Riak.”

Basho expects that Riak 2.0 will be available by early April 2014.

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