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Basho announces Riak 2.0

Basho announces Riak 2.0 

The updated version boasts several new features, including increased flexibility around consistency, ease of use for developers, improved search and analytics capabilities, simplification of operations, and enterprise-class data security.

Version 2.0 includes a range of data types, such as distributed counters, sets, maps, registers and flags, that simplify application development without compromising the database’s availability and partition tolerance. It also gives developers that ability to decide, based on data requirements, whether the consistency of buckets should be eventual or strong.

In addition to heightened data security – provided by the ability to administer access rights and utilize plug-in authentication models – developers can also decide where and how to store configuration information as a result of Riak 2.0’s improved operational simplicity.

The product’s search engine has also been overhauled to include the Apache Solr engine, allowing developers to integrate with a range of software and commercial solutions.

Organizations running Riak Enterprise 2.0 will now have the option to store fewer copies of replicated data across multiple data centres to ensure a balance between storage costs and availability.

The technical preview was announced today at RICON West and is currently available for download.

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