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Back up, speed up

Back up, speed up 

Although data protection is not always possible, it’s important to note that data backup is. Since the data storage requirements are skyrocketing, the time taken to create backup for huge storage systems is on the rise, and duplication incurs huge costs and installation labour.

To address this, ExaGrid Systems, a disk-based backup solutions provider, has announced that IT analysis firm Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) has created the Veeam synthetic full backup systems.

This new product is designed to exponentially boost performance by using the ExaGrid-Veeam Accelerated Data Mover.

“Unlike industry competitors, including EMC Data Domain, that only pull together their tables to be ready to actually make a synthetic full from dehydrated data, ExaGrid actually creates the synthetic full so VMs are ready to boot instantly,” said Bill Andrews, CEO of ExaGrid, in a press release.

“EMC’s numbers are not apples to apples, as they just prepare tables and do not actually create a synthetic full while ExaGrid actually creates the synthetic full,” Andrews added. “With EMC, you still have to wait hours when you want to boot a VM as they have to create the VMs from dehydrated data. The VMs on an ExaGrid will boot in seconds to minutes.”

ESG compared the ability of the ExaGrid-Veeam Accelerated Data Mover to build a backup on the ExaGrid landing zone with Veeam pulling the data from disk to its backup server and then burning back on the disk.

Regardless of data growth, this scale-out approach adds a processor, memory, bandwidth and disk, and enables the backup window to stay fixed.

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