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Avnet to offer express implementation for Hitachi storage

Avnet to offer express implementation for Hitachi storage 

Randy Wright, VP and GM, Hitachi Data Systems, Americas, Avnet, explained why this is such an exciting development for the company.

“If you look at the history of Hitachi Data Systems, they have not historically authorized other parties to do services for them,” he said. “Avnet has been authorized to do this, and is the only distribution partner Hitachi has authorized to do this. It represents an opportunity for us to bring value, and to generate value, for our partners as we move forward.”

Avnet partners that are currently selling Hitachi Data Systems will now be able to offer express implementation are part of their services. This includes installation, provisioning, tuning, and data backup for their customers’ storage systems.

This opportunity means partners will be able to take advantage of new streams of revenue and build their services portfolios, while customers will receive maximum optimization for their systems from the outset.

“Resellers will benefit from incremental margins in an environment where margins are becoming more challenging,” said Wright. “It also helps the resellers to gain stronger engagement with their customers and become trusted advisors with their end-use. Long-term customer satisfaction will come out of this, especially as their systems are optimized.”

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