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Avnet talks holiday tips for resellers

Avnet talks holiday tips for resellers 

“In a crunch season, starting with Black Friday and extending all the way through the holidays, small little glitches can get to be major problems for a retailer,” noted Tony Vottima, SVP and GM, Avnet Services Group, Avnet. “If people are experiencing these problems, it takes about 30 seconds for them to go to the next vendor, who is not having the problem.”

To avoid situations that can result in a loss of business, Avnet recommends that resellers work with their retail clients to establish what is normal activity for their websites, so that retailers can more easily discern when something has gone wrong during the holiday rush.

Additionally, preventative remediation of small problems prior to major holiday sale weekends can improve site performance during times of heavy traffic.

An increasing number of people now prefer to shop from the convenience of their mobile devices, yet many retailers have not yet built mobile-friendly versions of their websites. Avnet also recommends that resellers assist their retail partners in optimizing their websites for use on any device, be it smartphone, tablet, or desktop PC, in order to keep up with this demand.

And though some might be wary of buying on their smartphones at a time when, seemingly, more and more mobile vulnerabilities are coming to light, Vottima says this is not an issue where Avnet resellers are concerned.

“Making sure that there are no breaches and that people aren’t trying to hack in is part of the service offering that the reseller base at Avnet has the ability to provide,” said Vottima.

Finally, Avnet suggests that resellers talk about customer support strategies with their retail partners, to ensure that customer support teams are familiar with how to navigate e-commerce websites. This can be accomplished through refresher training courses and a review of things that have changed on the website since the last holiday season.

 “If there’s an error, or something goes wrong, the typical temporary employee that’s brought in for the holidays doesn’t necessarily understand how to address the problem,” said Vottima. “We actually have the ability to train their temporary employees for the things that they should understand about doing business in an e-commerce world. We can also provide people on-site to solve the problem immediately.”

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