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Avnet IBM partner conference highlights growth opportunities

Avnet IBM partner conference highlights growth opportunities 

“This event gives a look back to where we’ve come from,” Cuen said. It also outlines where the Avnet-IBM channel relationship is headed. During the conference, analysts from IDC will review new opportunities for growth and how to achieve them. Cuen noted that the cloud, social media, collaboration, mobility and Big Data are all areas in which IBM partners can expand. IBM executives at the event will also discuss how the company’s Smarter Planet initiative can make its partners more profitable. 

Cuen sees this conference as a valuable opportunity for IBM partners. “Our partner firms are services-led,” he commented. “They’re at different stages of maturity.” This event lays out a roadmap of paths for growth and how to best approach them. While many of IBM’s partners have entered these fields, not all of them have, and not everyone has achieved the same levels of success. Cuen remarked that Compass Executive Directions lets Avnet educate its partners on how to transition into high growth areas in order to create solutions for their clients. 

In addition to its educational purpose, the conference also gives IBM partners the chance to network with each other and with Avnet and IBM executives. Cuen commented that Phil Gallagher, Avnet’s SVP and president of Avnet Technology Solutions, will be attending Compass Executive Directions. Steve Mills, SVP and group executive, software and systems and Mark Hennessy, GM, global business partners, IBM, will also be at the event to meet the company’s partners.{mospagebreak}Cuen believes Avnet Technology Services’ IBM partners are well-positioned to take advantage of new opportunities. “Our software business is the largest business we’ve got in the IBM portfolio,” he said. “Avnet continues to move with the market.” He also thinks that IBM and IDC have pinpointed the most important pathways for growth for partners. Their predictions mirror market trends. “Traditional hardware is not growing at the same rate” as other fields, Cuen commented. Avnet, IBM and its partners are adjusting to that reality. “We as an ecosystem are making this journey,” Cuen concluded. 

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