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Avnet gains Polycom RealPresence Services Specialization designation

Avnet gains Polycom RealPresence Services Specialization designation 

Scott Delaney, VP of business development, Avnet, commented, “This expands our relationship with Polycom in terms of our investment and our ability to deliver Polycom services. It’s a key committment on our part to support their channel.” 

Avnet partners will now be able to offer their customers Level 1 and Level 2 support from Polycom Video Conferencing Engineer certified technicians. These experts will provide support and failure determination. The certified technicians will have access to a lab in order to resolve issues.

Delaney explained that Avnet’s new certification is part of Polycom’s go-to-market strategy. Certifying partners to provide technical supportadds value for both companies’ customers. Delaney added that the certification also aligned well with what Avnet wants to deliver to its partners. “This gives flexibility to our partner base,” he said.

The training process to become a Polycom certified technician is very rigorous. Technicians must undergo training to ensure that they gain the knowledge to help customers. In addition, Polycom representatives perform an on-site audit of a partner’s laboratory to determine whether it meets the company’s standards. 

“This is an example of how we’re planning to leverage our technical centre capabilities and pursue products like this to provide 24-7 support remotely,” Delaney remarked. “This is a core capability of our service organization.”  

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