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Avnet expands its healthcare analytics platform

Avnet expands its healthcare analytics platform 

The healthcare analytics platform connects medical, operational and financial data from different IT systems in a secure manner. It pieces everything together, to provide healthcare providers a unified view of patient information.

The new modules feature dashboards, reports, and alerts designed to improve patient care and outcomes. They analyze data patterns and trends to prevent readmissions and  better monitor chronic conditions.  

“Analytic technologies have the potential to dramatically improve patient treatment and empower healthcare organizations to personalize patient care plans,” said Vince DeLuca, CEO, Logicalis U.S., and Avnet partner. “To benefit from analytic technologies though, healthcare providers must find a way to overcome the challenges associated with disconnected systems, and fragmented, unstructured data. Avnet’s Healthcare Analytics Platform provides a powerful solution to this challenge by rapidly integrating data throughout a healthcare provider’s organization.”

The Readmissions module aims to help healthcare providers reduce preventable patient readmissions. The Population Health Management module categorizes patients based on demographic information, mainly to assist in the management of chronic conditions.

Developed by Avnet Services and launched in December 2013, the analytics platform runs on HP’s HAVEn big data architecture.

For healthcare providers, the combination of Avnet’s platform and HP HAVEn lets them quickly integrate systems across multiple areas such as cardiology, oncology, orthopedics, geriatrics and neurosciences.

This integration of health data and business analytics helps to create a cohesive view of the patient, regardless of where the data is stored in a healthcare provider’s infrastructure.

Avnet’s Healthcare Analytics Platform and the new modules are available exclusively through Avnet’s US and Canadian channel partners. The Readmissions module is available immediately, and the Population Health Management module will be available in the second quarter of 2014.


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