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AVer and Vidtel team up on video conferencing solution

AVer and Vidtel team up on video conferencing solution 

The two companies’ joint solution will bundle AVer’s EVC100 and EVC130 video conferencing endpoints with Vidtel’s Connect and MeetMe cloud-based video collaboration services. AVer’s EVC100 is an HD interactive video conferencing product that includes a camera, codec and microphone. The HD PT camera has an 88 degree field of view. It connects with almost every IVC and content provider system. AVer’s EVC100 also features a room control system and cloud VC integration. The system costs $1,000 and comes with a three year warranty. Vidtel Connect offers on-demand video dial tone, meaning it is always on and available. The solution allows users to connect with any other standard video conferencing system anywhere in the world anytime. Vidtel Connect also boasts ease-of-use: to make a video conference call, simply enter the phone number or email address of the other party. In addition, this solution works with an organization’s existing security products; it provides device registration, NAT and firewall traversal. Companies do not need to invest in on-premise infrastructure such as H.323 gatekeepers, SIP proxies or gateways. Vidtel Connect charges customers a monthly service fee, much like a phone bill, for its video conferencing services.

Vidtel’s MeetMe gives customers a video conferencing solution for internal and external use. It works with pre-existing SIP and H.23 equipment as well as Google Talk, Skype and WebRTC-based browsers. Users can connect on almost any device, which means that companies do not have to invest in expensive endpoints. MeetMe does not neglect security, though. The solution allows administrators the option of configuring guest and host PINs. 

“We’re thrilled that we’re able to couple free trials of Vidtel Connect service and Vidtel MeetMe service with the purchase of every EVC100 or EVC130,” said Eric Yu, product management director, AVer Information, Inc. “The video collaboration market is shifting rapidly – video is no longer a tool just for the largest of large enterprises. When you combine the low-cost, high quality AVer EVC product line with Vidtel cloud-based video services that are completely plug-and-play and don’t require the customer to own expensive and complex infrastructure, suddenly you have a powerful and agile solution that is accessible to businesses of any size.”

Executives at Vidtel also expressed their enthusiasm at the partnership. “Again and again, we hear that customers are looking for solutions that are easy to use,” said Alex Doyle, VP, marketing, Vidtel. “This joint solution makes intra-business and business-to-business video collaboration simple and powerful: with the EVC line and Vidtel Connect, parties can connect instantly without complex dialing or confusing user interfaces – it’s as easy as dialing a phone number. And with the EVC line and Vidtel MeetMe, companies have an easy way to collaborate with their partners, customers and suppliers, using the AVer EVC to seamlessly connect to applications like Skype, Google Talk, or WebRTC.”

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