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Avaya streamlines UC for businesses plotting mobile-first journey

Avaya streamlines UC for businesses plotting mobile-first journey 

The company touts its Avaya Equinox as a new business communications platform that delivers streamlined, mobile-first communications within applications and browsers. The company said the system has been specifically designed to facilitate new forms of communications beyond the phone, email, and messenger and allow businesses to merge all communication applications, infrastructure, and cloud-based services into a single platform.

“Integrating the wide variety of forms and methods of communication into a single flow has been an unmet challenge — until now,” according to Gary E. Barnett, senior vice-president and general manager, Avaya Engagement Solutions. “Avaya Equinox has conquered that challenge for the good of end users, IT departments and businesses worldwide, delivered by a company with the vision, focus, and expertise to define the future of UC.”

While some solutions require users to carry out a two to three-step process in order to conduct real-time and non-real-time communication, Equinox consolidates various applications and interfaces into a single system. This approach, Avaya said, does away with the need for IT departments to put together disjointed communication systems.

Key advantages of Equinox include:

Mobile-first, action-oriented workflow – Users can quickly view all scheduled meetings, messages, and communication history in a single place. They can take action with a single touch of a button and take conversations to any device or browser.

Collaboration from browser – Robust collaboration through HTML5 browser requiring no downloads or plugins. This aids the transition from desktop business apps to the Web or cloud-based apps.

Persistent, multimedia messaging – Communication via text, audio, video, images and files allows employees to access and send team messages in real-time — or anytime. A conversation initiated on the desktop in the morning can be picked back up on the mobile device at lunchtime, for example. Workers can even message those who are offline for more efficient team interaction.  One click from the messaging function escalates the session to a call or conference.

Avaya also offers secure, enterprise-class high definition and voice anywhere, anytime capability on any device. The system enables remote access including VPN-less connectivity.

Equinox is also customizable through the Avaya Breeze client SDK. Equinox is supported on the desktop or mobile devices, and available out-of-the-box on the elegant, all-glass Avaya Vantage device.

Equinox enables high scale audio conferencing, extensive Web collaboration, rich multi-vendor HD video, even event streaming to 100,000 users in an all-in-one software solution.

Users have one login and one easy solution to learn. IT has one solution to support with one set of statistics, single provisioning, and a smaller footprint with higher efficiency and lower costs.

As emerging workplace trends point towards more dispersed personnel, the need for secure and accessible mobile communication continues to grow, according to Rich Costello, senior research analyst for the unified communications and collaboration space at IDC.

“Avaya Equinox delivers on this and more with a total communications solution that can be embedded in browsers and business applications,” he said. “The Avaya Breeze Client SDK is not your everyday API – you have all the tools you need in a single solution that can be customized by vertical industry and workgroup needs, just what UC was intended to be.” 

Equinox is available globally this calendar quarter, with the advance conferencing capability coming in the first quarter of 2017.

The platform is sold on a per-user, suite licensing basis with a subscription or perpetual pricing models, along with a traditional concurrent user pricing option for conferencing. 

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