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Avaya announces development of software-defined data centre framework

Avaya announces development of software-defined data centre framework 

Avaya’s software-defined data centre framework is based upon Avaya Fabric Connect, which links resource pools within and between data centres, Avaya’s OpenStack Horizon-based Management Platform, delivering orchestration for compute, storage and network via Avaya Fabric Connect and open APIs into the Avaya Fabric Connect architecture to make it easier to integrate, customize and interoperate with other software-defined networking architectures.

The new framework includes an orchestration process that combines, customizes and commissions compute, storage and network components. Data centre administrators can use the OpenStack cloud computing platform to deploy virtual machines, assign storage and configure networks through a single interface. Avaya Fabric Connect removes the restrictions of traditional Ethernet VLAN / Spanning Tree- based networks to enable a more flexible and scalable network services model.

Avaya believes that its software-defined data centre framework will deliver reduced time-to-service, simplified virtual machine mobility, multi-vendor orchestration, scale-out connectivity, secure multi-tenancy and improved network flexibility.{mospagebreak}The announcement about Avaya’s new data centre framework marks the first phase in the company’s software-defined networking roadmap. Fabric Connect is currently available on a wide range of networking platforms including Virtual Service Platform 9000, Ethernet Routing Switch 8800, Virtual Services Platform 7000 and Virtual Services Platform 4000. Avaya’s Horizon-based Management Platform and open APIs will be generally available next year. The company plans to extend Fabric Connect and Orchestration to deliver end-to-end service creation and delivery from data center to desktop in the future.

“Avaya continues to innovate the way that networks are designed, built and operated, leveraging the unique capabilities of our Fabric Connect technology,” said Mark Randall, SVP and GM, Avaya Networking. “This announcement demonstrates that enterprises can immediately realize the operational benefits of real-time orchestration and automation. While some remain hung-up on definitions of SDN and what it might to deliver in the future, Avaya is delivering tangible business benefits today.”

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