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Automated software improvements provide a SoftLanding

Automated software improvements provide a SoftLanding 

Designed to assist with IBM’s automated operations software, the enhancements include new AUTOMON abilities for iSchedule job scheduling platform, iConsole message management and iMessage automated messaging system.

“We’re always keen to respond to the changing needs of our customers and shifts in the industry in general. These new features in the AUTOMON suite meet a growing need for greater control of operations across the enterprise,” said SoftLanding operations manager Jim Fisher in a press release. “We are confident that they will deliver significant productivity and reliability gains.”

Key enhancements to the three AUTOMON-supported platforms include message copying across multiple iConsole devices, SMPP support for iMessage, and the ability to increase productivity and add more levels of granular security and control for iSchedule.

“The new capabilities within AUTOMON for iSchedule are great time savers while also improving reliability and reducing risk within the enterprise,” Fisher added. “This latest release of the AUTOMON suite demonstrates that we are continuing to build on our core strengths in helping IT departments save effort and cost by automating more of their operational tasks.”

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