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Aspect Enterprise Solutions opens Houston office

Aspect Enterprise Solutions opens Houston office 

The Houston office will employ dedicated sales and support staff that will work with Aspect’s North American customer and client base.

“Every move we make is very strategic right now,” said Aspect President and CEO Steve Hughes in a press release. “In both Moscow and Houston, we’re getting closer to our customers and closer to new opportunities in vibrant markets. In Moscow, we have long been the vendor of choice because of the localized attention we’ve been able to deliver there. We’ll continue to look for ways to expand our footprint, and bring cloud E/CTRM to companies big and small.”

With AspectCTRM as its flagship product, the company’s revenue has grown by 18 per cent over the past year. Its partner program APP was launched in July 2014, and the Houston team is currently partnering with Schneider Electric.

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