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Arrow points to the cloud

Arrow points to the cloud 

The company’s ArrowSphere cloud marketplace, which is available to all North American service providers and independent software vendors (ISVs), now includes CenturyLink Cloud. The addition will provide businesses with access to CenturyLink’s family of services, which include IT-as-a-Service capabilities, cloud-based management and a pay-per-use pricing structure.

“CenturyLink delivers industry-leading capabilities that greatly enhance the Arrow cloud line and complement providers’ offerings,” Dee Dee Lear, vice president of cloud and business development for Arrow’s North American enterprise computing solutions business said in a press release.

“Solution providers, MSPs and ISVs, with their tremendous engineering expertise, are now able to utilize CenturyLink Cloud global services for building public, private and hybrid cloud solutions for their business, government and education customers,” Lear added.

ArrowSphere’s platform offers enterprises several options for cloud management, which includes Arrow, customer and service provider-managed options. The platform also facilitates connections via existing e-commerce engines.

The platform assists with the management of multiple cloud systems through a simplified structure that features automation for the provisioning and billing of cloud services. ArrowSphere can also be used by managed service providers (MSPs) to create new cloud solutions by combining their services with cloud services and creation tools.

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