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AppRiver extends email encryption to mobile platforms

AppRiver extends email encryption to mobile platforms 

AppRiver introduced CipherPost Pro, an app to protect sensitive emails. It allows users to manipulate smartphone or tablet encrypted messages. CipherPost Pro requires no installation and ensures administrative control, anytime and anywhere for secure communication and collaboration. As a cloud-based app, this app doesn’t allow private data storage on devices to protect confidential information, and if the device is lost access to the app can be remotely enabled or disabled in device, protecting against unauthorized access.

Theapp’s patented Delivery Slip tracks the receipt of secure messages in real-time, regardless of the status of the messages. CipherPost Pro can also recall a message even after it is read. At the same time, the app allows mobile users access to their familiarphone features and optimizes battery life and bandwidth. This app can be deployed through MDM systems (Mobile Device Management) and complies with regulations of HIPAA, PSQIA, FINRA Rule 8210, NHS security policy and many others for the protection of confidential and personally identifiable information. This app is available for free in BlackBerry World, Apple’s iTunes App Store, Google Play and the Windows Phone Store.

“Users work from any location at any time, and they do so with data that’s accessible from the company network,” explained David Liberatore, senior director of technical product management, AppRiver, in a press release. “In an era when the privacy of data is consistently under scrutiny it is important to examine the integrity of your company’s mobile security posture.”

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