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Apple is looking to ‘wow’ again with the iPhone

Apple is looking to ‘wow’ again with the iPhone 

It’s no secret that Apple has been mediocre, to say the least on the innovative front over the past few years. Many are disgusted with the recent product releases and some have even moved to other popular operating systems like Android and Windows to fulfill their mobile needs.

We have even talked about the decline of Apple’s innovation in our podcast WRLWND Radio. If you have never listened to this show, we recommend you do. Make it a part of your week to get the latest stories and interesting tidbits from the tech world.

Now, back to Apple. Yes, with the recent decline in Apple which has been aptly pointed out by numerous media outlets, it is only fair to bring you some good news as well, even if it is only in the leaked format for now.

It looks like Apple is set to bring back that WOW factor it was known for during the first few generations of the iPhone. Leaks from credible sources indicate that we are in for a big one from Apple – a level of innovation that we have not seen before from Cupertino company.

Here is what we know so far according to about the next iPhone.

Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI Securities who is seen as the best Apple analyst in the world confirms four major changes to MacRumors.

  • Not two but three premium iPhone models will be launched in 2017, including a new flagship 5.8-inch model
  • All three new models will have a glass unibody chassis
  • Wireless charging will be introduced
  • OLED screens will replace LCD screens


2017 Apple iPhone OLED concept design. Image credit: Veniamin Geskin

More revelations came from 9to5Mac about the design.

  • The iPhone’s iconic home button will not be on the 2017 models
  • The removal of the home button will result in thinner bezels on the 4.7-inch, 5.5-inch and 5.8-inch iPhones

Apple8 1

2017 Apple iPhone concept design with wireless charging. Image credit: Veniamin Geskin

These leaks confirm that Apple is working very hard to win back loyal fans who have ditched the iPhone for Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel. It’s about time that Apple bring us something that we’ve come to expect from the iPhone maker.

What are your thoughts? If the rumors are true, would you switch back to the iPhone if you were a previous Apple user?


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