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Apple is looking to close the backdoor to your iPhone

Apple is looking to close the backdoor to your iPhone 

Show Notes

When Amazon Go was first announced back in 2016, some people were saying that this could be the future of retail shopping. A time when physical check out through a line up at a store will be replaced with a walk in, pick up and walk out experience.

Now it seems like another major company wants to get into this direction.

Sources have confirmed that Microsoft is in talks with Walmart about a potential collaboration of coming out with its own brand of checkout-free technology.

Apple and the backdoor

Over the years Apple has positioned the iPhone as a secure device that only its owner can open. That, of course, has led to battles with law enforcement officials who want to access the phones of individuals who are deemed a threat.

Apple is closing the technological loophole that let authorities hack into iPhones. This has angered police and other officials and has started a debate over whether the government has a right to get into the personal devices.

Uber and drunk passengers

Uber has filed an application for a patent to use AI that will tell whether a passenger is drunk.

AI will be used to separate sober passengers from drunk ones. According to the application, the technology would be used to spot “uncharacteristic user activity,” including passenger location, a number of typos entered into the mobile app and even the angle the smartphone is being held.

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