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Apple announces new products

Apple announces new products 

Well, yet another slew of products were announced by the innovative company on Wednesday and all the Apple fanboys and girls out there were left with plenty to drool over.

La plus ca change.

First off was the announcement of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6S. These iterations will feature larger screens, 3D Touch and different metallic colours. They will be available on September 25 with pre-orders starting Sunday.

Also announced was Apple’s largest ever tablet, the nearly 13-inch diagonal iPad Pro. This product is meant more for the corporate or business crowd but also seems like it would be fun as a secondary home computer or laptop replacement mainly for browsing the Internet or cruising social media… if one had that type of money.

The price ranges from $799-$1,000 and has an option $100 stylus and/or a $170 keyboard.

But wait, there’s more.

Also announced was a major update to Apple TV. This new version will take advantage of more voice controls and apps like Roku, Amazon Fire and Google Chromecast. It also has a revamped controller with more buttons in order to achieve enhanced universality. It will run you $150.

In no doubt related news, Apple’s stock took a dip today down $1.20 to $111.10. Maybe media attention and contestant product updates aren’t enough to keep a company like Apple afloat amide such high expectations.

Source: Toronto Star

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