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AppDynamics’ solution monitors NetApp storage

AppDynamics’ solution monitors NetApp storage 

AppDynamics’ solution combines performance monitoring capabilities for NetApp storage with database tracking for MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server and Sybase ASE. It can be used on its own to assess NetApp storage, or users can correlate performance anomalies across databases and storage. In addition, clients can also implement NetApp and database monitoring in conjunction with the AppDynamics application performance monitoring and end user monitoring software for full-stack visibility across the client, middleware, database, and storage tiers of application architectures. 

The solution shows inbound and outbound throughput to gauge how well the environment is performing, and the type of I/O workload the storage system is performing. Users can also monitor individual protocol operations to discover the type of activity being performed at any time, such as CIFS, NFS, FCP or ISCSI, and view current storage system performance metrics like latency. Furthermore, network administrators can remotely monitor NetApp KPIs and receive email alerts about storage system availability. 

“Adding NetApp to the AppDynamics portfolio of monitoring capabilities makes perfect sense for our long-term plan of expanding our Application Operations platform,” said Matthew Polly, Senior Director of Business Development for AppDynamics. “Our current collaboration with NetApp has provided us with a unique opportunity to deliver a strong solution that our joint customers have loved. We look forward to supporting NetApp customers around the globe and making their operational lives easier.”

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