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Appcelerator acquires Singly

Appcelerator acquires Singly 

Singly’s DataFabric normalizes digital information for applications. It serves as an abstraction layer for a large number of APIs, including LinkedIn, Yammer, PayPal, DropBox, Google Calendar, Facebook and Twitter. This layer means developers do not need to adjust their applications every time something changes in an underlying API. Singly also offers a palette of pre-built API integrations. It plans to release a software development kit so developers can create their own. 

Appcelerator plans to integrate Singly’s technology into its own products in early 2014. Titanium, the open source development environment adopted by nearly 500,000 mobile developers, and the Appcelerator Platform, which enables companies to build native mobile apps at the speed of web, mobilize any data source, and to drive success with real-time analytics, will be the primary beneficiaries of the acquisition. 

“APIs are the lifeblood of mobility, giving developers access to the data and services needed to build amazing apps,” said Jeff Haynie, CEO, Appcelerator, in a press release. “With Singly’s API integration management joined to the Appcelerator product line, customers can much more easily unlock public and enterprise data sources, making available a rich layer of services on which to build transformative native apps that run on any device.”

Singly’s executives also expressed their enthusiasm at the acquisition. “Bringing Singly’s API integration management into Appcelerator’s product line means great things for app builders of all types,” said Simon Murtha Smith, CEO and co-founder, Singly. “The combination allows mobile apps built with Appcelerator’s technology to connect even more seamlessly to an ever-increasing set of data sources. For Singly customers, Appcelerator’s resources mean greater support and scale, including the innovation energy of Appcelerator’s broad developer ecosystem.”

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