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Another weapon for the war on talent: workplace technology

Another weapon for the war on talent: workplace technology 

For small or medium sized businesses, offering catered lunches and signing bonuses might not be feasible. Inversely, large companies might not be able to allow dogs into the office every day. How does a company at any size retain talent to avoid costly losses in time and productivity that inevitably come with employee turnover?

Technology is one avenue that can make a big difference. Forty-six per cent of millennials will stay at their current organization if there’s advanced technologies incorporated into their workday. Consumers are rapidly adopting cloud-based applications for all aspects of work and life, driven by the simplicity and personalization these tools provide. Now, companies can use technology as an opportunity to improve their competitive edge in the talent wars. 

Automate basic processes

Free lunches are satisfying but when it’s finished, a pile of repetitive and menial paper is still sitting on your employees’ desks requiring their attention. Employees want to be engaged in their work and feel like they are making an impact at the company. In fact, Generation Z are much less willing to complete meaningless tasks that they know technology can do better. If you want to attract and retain talent, automating basic processes like manually inputting expense details can free up employees’ time to focus on more meaningful and strategic functions. 

Go mobile

More employees are valuing a work-life balance over an increased salary when considering a new job. Adopting mobile technologies allows employees to perform tasks remotely and on-the-go while in contact with their team. Mobile-friendly solutions also help your employees stay organized and efficient as apps can help complete several business tasks in one place. For example, traditional tasks like approving and reviewing expenses doesn’t have to happen at a desk anymore, managers can do it from the SAP Concur mobile app wherever they are. 

Meet employees where they’re already working 

Millennial and Gen Z workers are avid users of technology in their personal lives. Companies can capitalize on this by deploying application programming interfaces (APIs) that allow employees to do even more in their environment such as collaborating over apps and emails. For example, businesses should consider APIs that let employees book group business trips together over IM or submit expense receipts directly from their email inboxes. Adopting technology allows employees to streamline tasks and focus on work that drives the business forward. 

Don’t underestimATE user satisfaction 

Consumers have grown accustomed to simple and personalized technologies for almost everything they do, and they expect the same in the workplace. Companies should consider usability and simplicity when purchasing workplace tools and making a technology investment. In fact, fifty-one per cent of business professionals believe outdated and inadequate office technology impedes their ability to retain employees with high-value skills and experience.

Make business travelLING easier 

Corporate travel is on the rise. Historically, corporate travel booking has not been as seamless as booking a personal trip. Now, companies do have the ability to simplify the dreaded corporate travel booking experience with a solution that offers the same conveniences as consumers deal sites. Concur Travel, for example, provides an experience inspired by consumer applications. It lets employees choose from flight, hotel and car deals that have been aggregated from multiple global distribution systems and manage itineraries right from their phone or desktop. With a company’s travel policy built into the solution, employees don’t have to worry about additional approvals. 

When businesses incorporate advanced technologies that bring modern-day conveniences to the workplace, employees are more productive and satisfied. In today’s talent war, workplace technology aren’t just the competitive edge used to attract and retain employees, it’s the expectation for a happy and successful workforce. 

By Kevin Craig, SAP Concur Canada.

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