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Another platform for music lovers

Another platform for music lovers 

Today, Napster is among the leading subscription music services and it is about to make its Canadian debut. Napster offers customers access to more than 35 million songs including music from top Canadian artists at a monthly rate of $9.99. To promote their service and celebrate their launch in Canada, Napster is offering Canadians three months of access for only $1. 

Napster is available in both English and French and runs on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Web, Sonos and Chromecast. It is supported by several auto manufacturers as well, making it fairly easy to listen to music on literally any device and in some cars. 

But with a great deal of competition in the market today what really makes Napster different? 

“Napster is bringing a better way to play music to Canada,” said Ethan Rudin, chief financial officer, Napster. “With a deep catalogue of local artists, hand-curated playlists, and the first music experience for kids, Napster is customized specifically for Canadian music fans. It was important to us that we enter Canada with a personalized music experience that has a complete catalogue of local, national and international artists.”

Other features include:

·         Napster’s huge catalogue of more than 35 million songs that can be navigated through expertly-curated playlists or by direct search. 

·         Offline listening mode that will conserve your data plan by allowing you to download and listen to music while travelling or in the gym.

·         Napster KIDS is a safe and easy to use music experience designed for children. It works directly from the Napster app and is available at no extra cost.

·         Music Inbox delivers tailored new music recommendations to you each week in your music inbox.

To get a taste for Napster and to start listening today, go to


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