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Android emerges as top mobile operating system in 2013

Android emerges as top mobile operating system in 2013 

The Android OS ran on 785 million of the nearly 1 billion handsets that shipped last year – that’s 80 per cent of the market share – while Apple’s iOS shipped on just 154 million devices.

As for hardware, Samsung emerged as the dominant manufacturer with 32 per cent of the market share. It was followed by Apple in second, Huawei in third, and Lenovo in fourth place.

Canalys predicts that the recent acquisition of Motorla by Lenovo will increase competition in the smartphone arena.

‘A strengthened Lenovo will affect all the other Android partners,” said Chris Jones, VP and principal analyst, Canalys, in a statement. “Lenovo must continue with Motorola’s speed-of-update strategy and ensure it can create pull for its smart phones through the carrier channel in mature markets when up against the might of Apple and Samsung. We expect Lenovo to double its worldwide smart phone market share within two years and achieve double-digit market share by 2015 at the latest.”

But it was Windows Phone that saw the largest leap in growth, up 69 per cent over the previous year. Canalys says this compares very well with Android and iOS, which grew 54 per cent and seven per cent, respectively, in the past year.

“The soft end to the year stopped Microsoft from achieving still more positive growth,” said Jingwen Wang, analyst, Canalys. “Microsoft has much to do if it is to continue carving out a growing share of the smartphone market, not least driving the platform down to new entry-level price points, delivering innovation and new features, particularly at the high-end, and proactively working with, supporting and encouraging developers to commit to building compelling apps, and bring its app story closer to parity with its competitors.”

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