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Amazon launches new cloud services for mobile apps developers

Amazon launches new cloud services for mobile apps developers 

It provides simplified user identity and data synchronization for developers to create apps to authenticate users through public login providers and then keep the app data. The Amazon Mobile Analytics (AMA) service helps developers analyze app usage data, up to billions of events, and report the usage within an hour the data is sent.

AWS has introduced a unified mobile software development kit (SDK) for iOS, Android, and Fire OS developers to access Amazon Cognito and AMA services, Amazon S3 and Amazon DynamoDB.

Currently, AWS’ cloud is used globally as infrastructure building blocks for back-end service for mobile applications.

Mobile app developers have to spend time on connecting apps to database services and their integration functions. Amazon Cognito, AMA and the AWS mobile SDK help developers focus their energy on functionality to attract and retain end users.

AWS mobile services help app developers to securely store, sync and retrieve user data (Amazon Cognito) and reconcile different versions as devices go on and offline. New users can start off unauthenticated and then sign in. The SDK helps store data locally that caches user data on the device. Developers have 10 GB of synced date storage and one million sync operations per month, for free, for 12 months.

With AMA, developers can be updated on revenue generation, how many users an app has and what a user does without extra work. Amazon AMA helps update promotions across platforms like Apple iOS and Google Android as well as Windows phones and desktops. Developers can send time-specific app messages. After its 12-month free usage time, users pay 50 cents for every million delivered messages.

“We continue to hear from customers that they prefer to avoid having to build any of the undifferentiated parts of their mobile apps,” stated Marco Argenti, VP, Mobile at Amazon Web Services, in a press release. “AWS already provides the backend processing, storage, and databases that customers around the world use to power sophisticated mobile apps. We designed AWS Mobile Services, including Amazon Cognito and AWS Mobile Analytics, to make it even simpler and more cost-effective to build and scale mobile apps on the AWS Cloud.”

Customers can integrate Amazon Cognito and AMA using the AWS mobile SDK. Both services are initially available in northern region of the state of Virginia.

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