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Amazon Go: Shop with no checkout

Amazon Go: Shop with no checkout 

Introducing Amazon Go, aptly named for pickup and go.

In the tech giant’s hometown of Seattle, Amazon has an 1800-square-foot retail store that its employees are using to beta test this new service.

The process, you can access the shopping area by scanning an app on your smartphone, go through the aisles, pick up grocery items, place in your bag, then leave the store. That’s it. No more having the hassle of going through checkouts or waiting in lines, or even carrying credit cards or cash.

As you leave the store, your account is then charged with the items you’ve picked up.

It looks and feels like shoplifting, but you are being monitored by cameras and sensors throughout the store.

What if after you have taken an item you’ve decided to place it back? Amazonishly, it is removed from your list.

Take a look at this video from Amazon to see how this new service works.

Obviously, there are benefits on a consumer level but with this sort of tracking, you can see how Amazon will continue to store information about shoppers and then used that to market more products. Then there is the potential job loss, with no need for cashiers, we can see the elimination of jobs in this category that will have an impact on the economy.

Wondering when would this be made available to the public? Amazon is looking to open to the public in early 2017.

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