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All roads lead to the cloud

All roads lead to the cloud 

In the March/April issue of ITinCanada, you’ll find a recent survey conducted by computer storage company EMC Corp., and cloud services firm VMware Inc., which is a must-read if you happen to be contemplating an IT strategy transformation or cloud implementation.

The survey of more than 660 EMC and VMware customers provides critical insights into how enterprise companies view cloud technologies, what are the key areas of their organizations they believe will be benefitted by a cloud implementation, what are their pain points, and what are the factors obstructing transformation.

Eric Jacksch, our contributing tech expert, discusses the advanced persistent threats and the dangers they pose to your data. But he also provides some tips on how to protect the most precious asset in your organization.

Eric gives us the lowdown on some of the most popular data encryption tools in the market. He talks about the pros and cons of these, prices and applications of these products so that you can decide if they’re appropriate for your needs. 

In recent weeks, the ITinCanada staff has been ramping up on its product testing operations. Marcello Sukhdeo, had the opportunity to try out the HP’s SMB-focused multifunction printer the HP PageWide Pro MFP 577 dw. This is a machine you definitely would like to consider if you’re looking for an office printer that’s fast, easy to use, has great printing capabilities and has multiple connectivity options as well.

There are more product reviews to browse through in this edition.

Our growing number of subject matter bloggers are really making their presence felt in this edition.

Michael Murphy, vice-president and country manager for Citrix Canada, digs deep from his long leadership experience in the technology industry to come provide readers with some advice on how to build a truly resourceful IT department.

John Dathan, vice-president for strategy and business development of the enterprise group at HP Enterprise Canada, discusses how IT departments can deliver reliable, steady service, while being flexible and agile enough to adjust to customer demands.

Mike Johnson, technical writer at Rocket Software, explains why mirroring is not enough to protect corporate data. Mike also provides some advice on how to properly backup data.

Does it look like the people your company is hiring are getting younger each year? Are the habits and working ethos of these new cohort or workers a puzzle to you? Eva Schoenleitner, vice-president of marketing for Sage North America, will help you decipher the “millennial mindset.” In order to remain competitive, she says, IT departments need to learn how to fully harness the strengths of the millennial workforce.

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