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AirWatch offers secure cross-platform for migrating BlackBerry users

AirWatch offers secure cross-platform for migrating BlackBerry users 

“We continue to deliver the most comprehensive EMM platform that allows organizations to transform business operations through mobile technology, while protecting sensitive data with government-grade security,” said John Marshall, president and CEO, AirWatch. “Federal agencies and highly regulated industries deploy AirWatch for our layered security approach that spans complete device management, secure corporate workspaces, dual persona, containerized email, and wrapped applications to manage their cross-platform fleet of mobile devices.”

AirWatch’s EMM platform lets companies manage devices running on Apple, Android, Windows, BlackBerry and Symbian platforms from a single console. It has a layered approach to security, which allows administrators to track and manage all content, applications and devices, regardless of platform or device ownership, from the central console. Also through the central console, administrators can assign role-based access and capabilities to both user groups and specific device groups. 

The company has a series of security offerings for companies transitioning from BlackBerry and BES management to AirWatch. These include the ability to completely separation corporate and personal data on a device, which ensures corporate resources are secure while maintaining employee privacy. As well, companies can standardize security policies and strategies for data loss prevention. AirWatch also lets users configure website whitelists, blacklists and kiosk mode using the AirWatch Browser for secure Internet browsing. 

The AirWatch platform was developed from the ground up to be multi-tenant and highly scalable, and has the flexibility of being deployed on-premise or in the cloud. 

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