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AirPatrol introduces “hot zone” platform support – ZoneDefense 5

AirPatrol introduces “hot zone” platform support – ZoneDefense 5 

For this reason, AirPatrol Corporation has announced upgrades to its mobile device security platform ZoneDefense 5 for enterprises using VMware’s AirWatch enterprise mobility management suite.

Administrators can create “hot zones” that can alter apps and contents on an AirWatch-managed device through ZoneDefense 5, when the device enters the area, whether be it a small cubicle or an entire building. AirPatrol Corp. is a subsidiary of Sysorex Global Holdings Corp.

“A mobile device is a lot more than just a handheld computer,” said AirPatrol CEO Cleve Adams, in a press release. “It’s a phone, a camera, a game console, a social tool and much more. What role it serves is based in large part on who the user is, where they are and when they are there. With ZoneDefense for AirWatch, organizations can shift from the ‘one device, one policy’ model inherited from the PC and laptop era in favor of a ‘the right policy at the right place’ paradigm much more suited to the mobile world.”

The zone-specific security policy kicks in as the device enters the zone, which protects against unauthorized activities like access to apps, transferring files or use of a recording device. This protection is revoked when the device exits the zone.

AirWatch also provides security professionals with a complete scenario of the mobile devices’ operations within the organization. With ZoneDefense, administrators can find out and monitor illegitimate devices sneaking “under the radar” irrespective of AirWatch.

“Most people are surprised to learn just how many mobile devices are roaming freely about their organization doing who-knows-what,” Adams added. “With ZoneDefense for AirWatch, companies will have a handle on all of them, both known and unknown.”

ZoneDefense is now available from AirPatrol and AirPatrol-authorized resellers. On September 8 this year, the company will demonstrate ZoneDefense at AirWatch’s Connect event in Atlanta.

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