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AI that can create Flintstones and a robot to assemble your IKEA furniture

AI that can create Flintstones and a robot to assemble your IKEA furniture 

Show Notes

Looking through pages of instructions and sorting through a bag of screws and bolts to assemble a furniture may soon be a thing of the past. Scientists have spent three years programming a robot – made of arms, grippers, sensors and 3D cameras – which assembled the frame of an IKEA dining chair in around 20 minutes.

They say it may not be long before such robots can fully assemble a piece of furniture from a manual, verbal instruction or by just looking at an image of the finished item.

What exactly is blockchain?

We’ve been hearing a lot about blockchain and bitcoins and it is a little to grasp what it is exactly. So, I will try to share some information with you, hopefully at the end of this show you will have a better understanding of blockchain.

AI and Flintstones

It can take such a long time to animate cartoons. But what if you could ask computers to do some of the heavy lifting? They just might.

Researchers have produced an AI system, called Craft, that automatically produces The Flintstones scenes based on text descriptions.

The team trained Craft to recognize elements from the classic cartoon by feeding it more than 25,000 three-second clips, each of which included descriptions of who was in the scene and what was happening. From there, the AI only needed a line or two referencing a scene to stitch together characters, backgrounds and props.

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