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AI-based index that can predict the risk of falls for those over 65 years old

AI-based index that can predict the risk of falls for those over 65 years old 

The second leading cause of accidental injury and death around the world each year is being experienced by 30 per cent of people over the age of 65.

Movendo Technology, in partnership with Galliera Hospital in Genoa, Italy has finished a 2-year clinical trial with 150 elderly participants which has resulted in the creation of the Silver Index.

This index is an objective measure that predicts the risk of falls in the elderly and suggests specific exercises and protocols to minimize these identified risks. The foundation of this 20-minute evaluation is a proprietary AI-based algorithm which combines the robotic measurements of hunova©, a programmable robotic medical device for both objective, functional evaluation and therapy. Through the evaluation of 130 parameters in a routine of seven exercises, the index can predict the risks with 95 per cent accuracy and fifteen per cent improvement for traditional evaluation measures.

How Does it Work?

The algorithm measures the individual’s biomechanical and neurological parameters both in sitting and standing position, while simulating static and dynamic “perturbative” elements related to fall injuries. This emphasizes the person’s specific deficits and the resulting customized rehabilitation needed.

The evaluations are divided into a routine of seven exercises including:

  • Limits of stability and balance

This assesses the individual’s capacity to move while maintaining balance without the need for a support. The higher the stability, the more the person can carry out everyday activities like going up and down the stairs or being able to leave the house on their own. Its simulation involves the presence of obstacles along the way which can throw off a person’s balance.

  • Sit-to-stand

This measures the speed of repetitive action, such as sitting and standing up. It also allows to train the individual to have greater mobility, while keeping the body’s balance ensuring safety from sitting on a chair to lying down on a bed without any assistance.

After the evaluation, the silver index recommends the best rehabilitation intervention the individual has to take. It even suggests operator exercises and games that the person can do while undergoing treatment or prevention.

The Silver Index is the first of the series of AI-based algorithms being developed by Movendo. The company’s goal is to create a wide range of solutions, which can help as individuals grow with age and experience changes in lifestyle in order to promote a prevention path based on scientific data.

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