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Adobe offers tagging function for Marketing Cloud

Adobe offers tagging function for Marketing Cloud 

The new feature  will let marketers deploy Marketing Cloud components like Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target faster, and will also help marketers develop strategies that are tailored to individual clients. The capability can be used to manage both Adobe and non-Adobe tags, and the company will eventually roll out full compatibility for those using non-Adobe marketing platforms.

“As marketing tools become more sophisticated, the technical aspects of installing and managing them can grow considerably,” said John Mellor, VP of strategy and business development, Adobe. “With dynamic tag management, we are making marketers’ day-to-day workeasier and more effective by removing the pain from tagging content to be measured and optimized across industry solutions.”

The new tagging function will increase site loading speeds while also reducing the amount of time needed to implement and deploy tags. A centralized management system will provide a decrease in the amount of time needed to manage analytics and tags, as well as the ability to deploy several tags at the same time.

Marketers who use the capability will also see a reduction in costs, thanks to less need for IT professionals who are trained in JavaScript.

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