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Adobe launches comprehensive marketing solutions

Adobe launches comprehensive marketing solutions 

Mobile has traditionally been a huge area of challenge for marketers, and Adobe is stepping in to give them a hand. Smartphones and tablets are increasingly becoming people’s first choice of device, so it only makes sense that marketers not only work the platform into their campaigns, but also make it a priority.

According to research conducted by Adobe, an increased focus on digital marketing has led to a 70 per cent leap in smartphone traffic, 68 per cent more tablet traffic, and 51 per cent more visitor engagement with brands.

“The sentiment out there among marketers is that those that invest in technology and skills around business marketing are seeing real value from it,” said Loni Stark, director, Product and Industry Marketing, Adobe. “Those that are focused on really investing in people, processes, and digital marketing technology are seeing a significant return on investment in smartphone traffic.”

But how to unite traditional forms of advertising with the digital world?

Adobe is announcing a number of new services to help marketers in this regard. The Master Marketing Profile provides a single view of the customer, enabling marketers to deliver personalized content across channels in real-time.

The Shared Assets service is a central asset repository that marketers can use across all of Adobe’s Marketing Cloud solutions. This centralization of marketing assets means that marketers can build their campaigns more quickly and efficiently, and create cohesion across all channels.

Marketing Mix Planning provides an optimized mix of offline and online marketing activities, so that ads can be attributed to the appropriate channels.

Adobe’s announcement also focuses heavily on mobile, the one aspect of marketing campaigns that is the most difficult for marketers to leverage.

“The customer experience around mobile apps is very important to marketers, because people spend a lot of time in mobile apps,” said Stark. “But it’s also an area where developers have a lot of trouble developing apps.”

Enhancements to the Adobe Experience Manager and the newly-launched PhoneGap Enterprise will relieve marketers of some of that pressure. The two solutions will help them personalize mobile app experiences and measure what’s actually working in terms of customer engagement.

Mobile Services 2.0, meanwhile, will help businesses acquire more app customers and measure users’ app behaviour to optimize its value to the customer. Adobe is also the first to offer this type of support for Apple, with Apple iBeacon support.

“These innovations allow for marketers and organizations to better and more quickly create those mobile apps and increase customer engagement and download,” said Stark.

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