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Adobe launches Campaign

Adobe launches Campaign 

The technology promises a more personalized marketing experience for customers.

Campaign will allow marketers to more easily manage high volumes of e-mail, enabling them to build positive relationships with their customers. It will provide them with the ability to carry out cross-channel campaigns via e-mail, direct mail, mobile, and other platforms. Marketers can assemble customized portfolios for each customer to provide a more relevant marketing experience, and can also construct personalized messages for individual clients.

Through the centralized service, marketers can easily plan future campaigns and monitor the performance of their current ones.

“With the incorporation of Adobe Campaign into the Adobe Marketing Cloud, we are helping our customers achieve greater value from their marketing investments, bringing cross-channel campaign management capabilities to the industry’s most robust marketing solution, and providing brands with the complete digital marketing solution they have been looking for to deliver extraordinary customer experiences,” wrote Suresh Vittal, VP of strategy, Adobe Campaign, on the Adobe blog.

The full text of Vittal’s blog post can be read here.

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