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Adobe goes 3D with Creative Cloud updates

Adobe goes 3D with Creative Cloud updates 


These updates are designed to make the imaging experience more intuitive and easy to use.

Perhaps the most significant update comes on the heels of the rising popularity of 3D printing technology. Adobe has included support for 3D printing in Photoshop, meaning that users can now create 3D designs and print them directly through Photoshop itself.

As for imaging, customers can now use the Perspective Warp feature in Photoshop to change or correct parts of images while leaving the rest intact. This is particularly useful for creating composite images, or for correcting perspective in photographs. Terry White, worldwide Creative Cloud design evangelist, demonstrated the capability on a composite image of a train whose back wheels didn’t quite touch the tracks it was supposed to be sitting on.

“Using this feature, you can ‘teach’ the program what the train looks like,” he said, as he drew boxes around the specific parts of the train he wanted to warp.

In addition to Perspective Warp, users now have painless access to over 800 Typekit fonts directly from their Photoshop or Illustrator applications. With this capability, users no longer have to install fonts manually after acquiring them – any fonts selected by the user will be imported automatically into Photoshop and Illustrator.

Illustrator’s new Live Corners capability allows users to easily create rounded corners with the pencil tool, which White demonstrated by instantly rounding a pointed peak in the illustration of a mountain. With the Path Segment Re-shape capability, users can rapidly alter existing illustrations and create scalable vector graphics, which White says is “something that…more and more customers want to do.”

InDesign allows users to create interactive e-publications by inserting hyperlinks, which can be customized for a uniform look throughout the document. InDesign will also alert the user of any hyperlinks that appear to be invalid, saving the user from having to go through the whole document to find a broken link.

Finally, the updates in Adobe Muse enable the user to insert buttons for social media and scalable Google Maps widgets into their e-pubs.

And the bonus? Adobe has reset all the 30-day trials since Creative Cloud’s initial launch in 2012; anyone who has used their trial time since then gets another 30 days to give these new updates a whirl.

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