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Adobe brings new capabilities to Primetime platform

Adobe brings new capabilities to Primetime platform 

“One of the reasons why Adobe is investing in Primetime is because of the huge opportunity that exists in the TV industry to really capitalize on the fact that there are more and more video-capable devices in the market,” said Ashley Still, director, product management, Video Solutions, Adobe. “These devices offer a great opportunity to engage with consumers in ways they have not been able to before.”

Primetime has only been around for a year – it was announced at NAB 2013 – but now that people are using their mobile phones and tablets to stream video, Adobe has decided it’s time to add more bells and whistles to the platform.

The first of these is a new cloud ad insertion capability, which enables content monetization on any device. Ads can be inserted without the need for client codes, the platform supports all TV content, and it is compatible with HLS.

“Ads can be inserted into any device, regardless of what products and tech are supported on that device,” said Still. “It’s delivery- and player-agnostic. This is beneficial because there are new devices popping up all the time. As new devices come to market, users can be reassured that their device will be supported for ads.”

For networks and entertainment companies looking to keep a closer eye on what streams their users are watching, the new Concurrency Monitoring feature will help them do just that. The feature gives businesses insights into user behaviour, and helps them decide whether they should limit or allow viewer playback, or offer the user add-ons according to their activity. Concurrency Monitoring is currently in beta.

As for the viewing experience, both 4K support and the MPEG-DASH streaming format mean that users will receive crisp, consistent video quality.

The device has always been available on desktop operating systems, SmartTVs, and Android and iOS devices, but it is now also available on Xbox 360 gaming consoles and Roku devices.

The technology is in use at several networks, including Comcast, NBC Sports, and Turner Broadcasting. It has supported events like the Sochi Olympics, and Major League Baseball and the WWE have started to use it stream their programming on the Xbox 360.

In Canada, Adobe’s most recent customer acquisitions include Shaw Media, Bell Media, and Rogers.

“We really focus on the viewer experience,” said Still. “We provide great content and make sure advertising is also a seamless experience.”

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