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Adobe announces solution for simple cross-platform publishing

Adobe announces solution for simple cross-platform publishing 

A report commissioned by Adobe and conducted by Forbes recently found that many businesses are still struggling to produce content-centric apps for mobile devices, despite the fact that mobile app use is growing exponentially among consumers.

Though many businesses are still able to publish content through traditional streams, attempts at cross-channel publishing are often hindered by lack of knowledge and expertise in the field.

Adobe believes the integration of DPS and AEM will change all of that.

“Brand experiences have traditionally been in the domain of creative teams, but businesses are trying to find ways to decrease the costs of app production,” said Dave Dickson, senior product marketing manager, Digital Publishing, Adobe. “This product has an intuitive drag and drop interface that business staff can use, which means that non-creative teams can produce this content.”

The integration will drive down the cost of cross-channel publishing and accelerate the speed of content production. It will also ensure that customers have a compelling experience across a number of different channels.

The integrated software has been used by some major companies and publications, including Lord Abbett, a money-management firm, and Conde Nast, the publishing company that produces Vanity Fair, Glamour, GQ, The New Yorker, and Wired.

Lord Abbett used the software to build an app that would distribute information about market trends and analysis to customers and employees. Conde Nast uses it to speed up production of its publications for the iPhone.

The integration of DPS and AEM is currently available globally, and the price is quoted for the individual needs of organizations.

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