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Addvocate unveils v. 2 of its enterprise social sharing platform

Addvocate unveils v. 2 of its enterprise social sharing platform 

The Addvocate platform is an easy-to-use base for creating and sharing content across social channels. It lets employees collaborate and share information more easily across departments. For instance, marketing can share suggestions for tweets or Facebook posts about company news with coworkers. The whole platform is based on the idea that brands are built up through their own employees. The goal is to enable a company’s employees to use their own social networks to offer advice or solve problems.

The platform was redesigned to be more user-friendly. It implements multitenancy, so that individual employees can be part of more than one brand accounts. In addition, version two also has new metrics for monitoring what gets shared, and recognizing top performing employees. It offers marketing departments the chance to provide consistent brand messaging, through moderated content for specific people and groups.

The company’s CEO Marcus Nelson says that Addvocate has been completely redesigned to recognize the human element: “When it comes down to it, people want to be treated as people – not a means to an end,” said Marcus Nelson, founder and chief executive officer, Addvocate. “We recognized that the best approach to fostering trust, loyalty and rapport with customers is to enable coworkers to connect and contribute. The new version of Addvocate allows them to do just that: people can become the face of their brand.”

Addvocate also announced today an integration with Salesforce1, as well as plans to launch a mobile iOS app before the end of Q4. With the Salesforce1 integration, executives and staff can use the Addvocate platform to connect and share content or information across their personal social platforms. 

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