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Actuate releases BIRT Analytics v4.4

Actuate releases BIRT Analytics v4.4 

BIRT Analytics 4.4 comprises a toolbox of data mining techniques, new background algorithms and foreground functionalities.

Its database engine can load up to 60 GB/hour and a user interface aids productivity increase. Users can explore up to 6 billion records per second and perform advanced analytics on a million records in under a minute. Business analysts can get insights in seconds and need not wait for days.

“BIRT Analytics is unique in its ability to combine a fast columnar database with preprogramed statistical and analytical routines, all from within a graphical user interface designed specifically for the business user,” said Peter Hoopes, GM of the BIRT Analytics Group at Actuate, in a press release.

“BIRT Analytics allows the business professional a way to easily explore and pivot billions of rows of data in seconds, while gaining immediate insights though visual representations of statistical models and advanced analytic techniques,” Hoopes explained. “And now, with the enhancements available in release 4.4, it’s even easier for business analysts and business users to spot trends make predictions and stay ahead of the game, whatever market they’re in.”

The BIRT Analytics database engine can read from any data source, audit data, cleanse and has flexibility with preparation of data. Actuate believes BIRT Analytics 4.4 will be particularly helpful for non-predictive and predictive analytics. With these tools, organization can learn purchasing behaviour patterns, which are vital to business so they can recommend next best products to customers. And, the engine also detects inefficiencies in internal processes to save costs and time.

The key features of BIRT Analytics4.4 are pre-process tools, functional loader enhancements, architecture and technology. Upgrading to v4.4 requires a new license key specific to the update.

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