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Acronis releases vmProtect v9

Acronis releases vmProtect v9 

The latest version of vmProtect can be installed in three minutes. Its web user interface is optimized to support smaller vSphere environments with dozens of VMs, although it can scale up to support hundreds of VMs. 

Acronis vmProtect v9 recognizes file systems, skips unnecessary files and incrementally restores virtual machines with vmFlashBack. It also runs virtual machines straight from a compressed and de-duplicated image and incorporates multi-destination backup, which automatically copies backups to an additional location, locally or to the cloud. In addition, vmProtect9 includes self-backup with the ability to save and restore its configurations and it integrates fully with VMware vCenter. That means that backup, recovery and replication operations can be managed directly from VMware vCenter. 

“Acronis is dedicated to its partnership with VMware, and we are proud to have built the most efficient, easy-to-use and complete vSphere backup product on the market with vmProtect 9,” said Serguei Beloussov, CEO, Acronis. “We have a deep understanding of the backup needs of companies with smaller vSphere environments. By tapping into this knowledge and strengthening our already-proven vmProtect product, companies reap the benefits of a simple solution for enterprise-grade backup.”

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