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Appealing to IT professionals and executives in industries that rely on technology to support their business operations, IT in Canada brings together the essential information assets of the 21st century – news articles sourced from established, reputable publications, video and other broadcast content types, and the interactive forums that categorize social media. The resulting network provides a perspective that takes full advantage of the “new media” opportunities provided by the Internet, offering a rich destination that benefits readers and advertisers alike.

The Canadian IT network for technology professionals.

What makes IT in Canada different?

The IT in Canada network is designed as an integrated source of information, trends, analysis and reports on the Canadian IT marketplace. The site delivers content from some of Canada’s most compelling media sources. Our media properties include: Canadian Government Executive, Only IT, C-level insight, SMB, Reseller, Collaboration, Cloud and Security.

These assets are important – but our market leadership stems first and foremost from the in-depth understanding of readers’ needs and unbending commitment to quality that has enabled us to build a trusted relationship with our online readership and one of the most extensive Canadian IT subscriber communities in Canada.

IT in Canada online – the must have, must read, must visit site for Canadian professionals whose careers depend on technology. We provide content rich microsites, forums and information sources designed to engage and captivate the most influential IT professionals in Canada.