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A whole new spectrum

A whole new spectrum 

Through WIND Mobile, MTS will obtain 15 MHz of paired AWS-1 spectrum. Paired with another spectrum obatined through a Federal government auction earlier this year, MTS has the ability to drastically improve wireless networks.

The deal will have far-reaching influence across the country. It’s the latest step in WIND Mobile’s strategy to bring competition and LTE rollout to Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta.

“The increased range of services and choices being made available to Canadians through wireless providers like MTS and WIND Mobile are further evidence of the benefits of greater competition that have resulted from the federal government’s continued efforts to create a more level playing field, and we thank them for that,” said WIND Mobile CEO Alek Krstajic.

As mobile video demand increases, the acquisition is spectrum is sure to be a welcome addition in Manitoba.

“We are appreciative of the concrete steps that the government has been taking to create more choice, lower prices and better wireless service for Canadians and their families,” said MTS Allstream CEO Jay Forbes.  “We are excited to be taking a big step to improve the wireless experience for our fellow Manitobans and to focus our resources right here at home.”

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