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A website is worth more than you think

A website is worth more than you think 

Well, that’s what the 2015 Digital Marketing Survey plans to figure out. The joint research venture was launched by Marketing CoPilot Inc. who worked with Georgian College Centre for Applied Research and Innovation as well as the National Research Council of Canada. This survey will open discussions with Canadian business owners about where websites and digital marketing stand in Canada and, in turn, will answer this question.

In the spring of 2015, business owners were interviewed on how they use their websites to enhance their customers’ buying experience. The results and research gathered from across Canada created the framework of the online survey, which officially opened to public last week. 

The nationwide findings further support the notion that buyer behavior has forever changed. Though what else can you expect in an era where buyers now self-serve and self-educate, and their resources (websites and online tools) are only a click away? 

It’s time to catch up with the times, and the Marketing CoPilot team believe Canadian businesses can do this by taking charge in how their information is digitally distributed. After all, why should companies let others do the talking for them when they, the creators, can do it much better? 

“We have observed that many Canadian companies are under-utilizing their websites. They aren’t structuring their websites in a way that helps people choose them. Our goal is to gather data that will enable Canadian companies to create websites that assist, instead of hinder, the buying process,” added Wiese. “The goal of this research project is to support businesses with important website research and give them a competitive advantage.”

The 2015 Digital Marketing Survey is open until November 15, 2015. Participation is key, and research sponsors are asking as many business leaders and business owners as possible to do so. Once the survey data is collected and analyzed, the resulting report will be shared with participants and released to the public approximately eight weeks later. But when it comes to your company’s possible future success, who can wait that long? The fastest way to get results is to participate, so take the survey at

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