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A transparent online document management system

A transparent online document management system 

SyncMonkey, a document management company in Vancouver,” announced its fully integrated, online document management system is entering its beta release phase starting this week. The company prides itself in its fullyfull integrated, online document management system, which assists businesses by allowing them a space to collect and sort valuable and sensitive information to make document management easier and bring stakeholder transparency in the table.

The company began as a project for an IT managed services provider in Vancouver. It started with the goal of providing an internal system to make the workflow for businesses more efficient. They soon realized that there is a great need in the market which nudged them to further develop the project into a complete solution that would address all the needs of IT managed services providers and their clients.

“When we first started this internal project, we did not realize how quickly things would evolve,” said Ken Chang, developer and co-creator of SyncMonkey. “It didn’t take too long before we saw the value of this versatile software and began the journey to commercializing the platform.”

With the recent changes in the way we work and live with the “New Normal”, the online world is growing quickly, and information management has become more than a service but a crucial need. Organizations have now established online communication with their teams, customers, and stakeholders, all while preserving professional relationships. All while taking into account data security.

This upcoming week, SyncMonkey plans to let a limited number of testers try the beta release of the software so they can provide feedback for the application. A full commercial release is expected this summer.

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