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A software to identify gang related crimes faster, and Equifax is back in the news

A software to identify gang related crimes faster, and Equifax is back in the news 

Show Notes:

A new algorithm is being tried which automates the process of identifying gang crimes. But this has come under some criticism where scientists have warned that far from reducing gang violence, this program could do the opposite by eroding trust in communities, or it could brand innocent people as gang members.

For years, scientists have been using computer algorithms to map criminal networks or to guess where and when future crimes might take place, a practice known as predictive policing. But little work has been done on labelling past crimes as gang-related.

In this new work, researchers developed a system that can identify a crime as gang-related based on only four pieces of information: the primary weapon, the number of suspects, and the neighbourhood and location where the crime took place.

Slave or Master?

Samsung’s head of mobile in the UK said: “We need to return to being the masters of our technology and stop being slaves to our phones.”

Many studies have shown that both the young and old alike are becoming increasingly addicted to smartphones, social media and the constant need for messaging.

“Let’s not spend our life looking at these devices. You look around and everyone is doing it, leaning over [their] phones. Let’s make the device be the slave and we’ll be the master – let’s turn the roles completely on their head.”

Now the way that he says this can be done is leverage their vast portfolio of devices, from fridges to cookers, vacuums and TVs, as well as its SmartThings, Internet of Things platform, to shift the game towards a more intelligent, connected future that frees us from phone obsession.

Equifax is back in the news

Last month, reports surfaced that more information than previously thought may have been exposed in Equifax’s massive data breach and this week, the company confirmed it. Along with the 145.5 million individuals already reported to have been affected by the breach, Equifax says another 2.4 million were as well.

Now to play this down, the interim CEO of Equifax said that:

“This is not about newly discovered stolen data. It’s about sifting through the previously identified stolen data, analyzing other information in our databases that was not taken by the attackers and making connections that enabled us to identify additional individuals.”

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