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A smartphone that lasts for two weeks on a single charge

A smartphone that lasts for two weeks on a single charge 

I have been perplexed with this issue since the smartphone era began, over a decade ago and still today we have not seen any significant improvement in battery capacity to last more than a day or two days to the maximum.

But to my utter amazement, I stumbled across a smartphone that claims to have the largest battery capacity in the world and will last 10 to 15 days under normal use. That is not a typo nor is there a missing decimal point between the digits. The battery on this phone lasts for almost two weeks.

K10000 4

Meet the OUKITEL K10000 Pro, a smartphone with a battery capacity of 10,000mAh with “intelligent power consumption management” that provides a smart standby mode. Not only that, the K10000 Pro has a flash-charge chipset that can charge this huge battery in three and a half hours.

Another incredible feature is that it works as an OTG to “reserve charge multiple devices at the same time” according to the OUKITEL website. With a full battery, the K10000 Pro can charge three iPhone 6s Plus and still has 10 per cent battery power remaining. Not only can you use the K10000 as your main smartphone but you can charge other phones or tablets with it.

K10000 3

The phone has a full steel body with angular curves that provides a comfortable grip. It comes with a 5.5-inch HD display with a 1280 x 720 resolution screen and a 86 per cent screen to body ratio. It has a 13MP rear and a 5MP front camera and runs on Android OS. 

At this time pricing is not available but the phone is expected to be released in June and will not be available in North America. If you would like one, you’ll need to make your purchase online.


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